Inga Anderson's Bio


My name is Inga Anderson I am a Sister, Daughter, Mother, Wife, Mentor and Business Owner. I was born and raised in Fort Wayne, Indiana about a 1.5-hour drive to the big city “Indianapolis” well that’s what my family always thought of Indianapolis being the big city because where I’m from it’s like “Mayberry Town”. Everyone knows everyone  or they are relatives in your family. I knew when I was 14 years old I was going to leave Fort Wayne. I left Fort Wayne in 1990 and moved to Indianapolis. After moving to Indianapolis, I knew my life was going to change for the better. I loved clothes and customer services so I started work at one of the top trendy clothing stores in Indianapolis called “Contempo Causals”. I love the atmosphere that Contempo gave to it's customers and the customers loved my stylist sense and always request me to style them for parties or job interviews. "Contempo Causals" gave out monthly Awards for top Sales and Customer Service. I would hold Awards titles for months.  I truly believe that if you work in Customer Service "treat customers as you would wanted to be treated". So  If customers wanted a party outfit Inga at “Contempo Causals” was the person you come and see. 

 I loved working at "Contempo Causals" but I learned very quickly, working with an unprofessional Supervisor you are not going to climb the ladder or get any promotions.  After 3 years, I left "Contempo Causals" and took a Manager position at the “$7 Dollar Store” located in  Cincinnati, Ohio at the Swifton Commons Mall. I was so excited to have the title of Manager that I went above and beyond to prove my worthiness. I received awards for Top Sales Manager, Loss Prevention and best store retention in the District. When I was hired to work at the $7 Dollar Store, I trained at a quiet $7 Dollar Store in Eastgate, Ohio. I was not told location of my store until the day training ended. I soon realized my District manager gave me a high theft, unorganized store with 5  employees that had not been trained plus a few of the employees had been stealing from the store. 


I have always been a person that tackles problems head on and that's what I did with the $7 Dollar store. My journey began and I conquered the $7 Dollar store issues. I did not get that big promotion after working 5 years in a high risk store but I  did gained lots of work experience in "How to run a "High Risk" retail store".

In 1994 I met a wonderful man named Calvin Anderson, I was amazed by his intelligence, good looks and his caring attitude. We married in 1997 and had our first child in 2000.  After we had our first child, I wanted to work a job with daytime hours to be at home with my family at night. So I started a new job at Office Depot Call Center as a Supervisor. I loved working in the Call Center helping the Representatives with Customer Service and Training. 

Then in 2003 our second child was born.  After our second child was born my husband asked me if I would consider staying home to take care of the children because of the high cost of daycare. I thought to myself, “Wow", I can not remember a day in my life, where I didn’t work”. Quitting work was very hard for me. I stayed home, took care of our children, house and my husband but still could feel a need to work even though I was a "stay at home mom" and that was  a big job.

 I always loved looking at houses and I decided to get my Ohio Real Estate licenses. After taking all my prerequisites, now I was ready to take my Ohio Real Estate test. I was so excited to have my Real Estate licenses in 2008 and start work with Huff Realty but there was a small issue,” I received my Real Estate licenses in 2008, the year the United States market crashed. 

In 2008 I had my Real Estate licenses and the market crashed, I thought to myself “Now What”. It was a miracle that our new President, “President Obama” started a program to save homes and I have always been the type of person that chooses to look at the better side to everything. What I did next even shocked myself. I went to as many Real Estate Board classes on “How to do Short Sales, Hud Properties and Foreclosures. Remember in the beginning, I said "I love Customer Services", well helping people in 2008 with Real Estate problems became an ongoing event in my Real Estate career. I developed a reputation that I was a experienced Realtor that was honest and very helpful. To this day I’m in  Real Estate with Huff Realty, 9 years in the game and loving it.

I have my family and my Real Estate career but I’m from Fort Wayne and my best friend Shirley Bennett was still living in Fort Wayne and I had no friends in Cincinnati. I was searching the internet and came across a website called Meetup and it was group of women meeting up to go to movies, dinner, dancing. I went to my first Women's  Meetup meeting at Friday’s Restaurant. When I was there I was so uncomfortable because the host only saved seats at the bar for her friends and I had to pull up a seat in front of a pole at the bar and couldn't see the others to join in on the conversation. I remember going home, thinking about starting my own group, that’s when "Girlfriendz" was born in Dec 2010.

I organized so many fun Girlfriendz  events and met so many good friends that I could write a "How to have good Girlfriendz" book. God was moving me and I could feel the direction but  had no idea on God's purpose with me and the "Girlfriendz" group. I have organized  events for Girlfriendz for 8 years, made some fabulous connection, friendships with other like-minded women. The fun and events we had will be a page in my  experiences and history.

In 2017 I started branching off and made Girlfriendz Networking Group LLC into a business of Networking, Business and Entertainers Promoting. Our Events  have a "Talk Show" like feel with interviews, Fashion Shows and Vendor Expo's.

Girlfriendz Networking Group LLC is all about celebrating and encouraging women in Business Ownership, Artists  platform to show their craft through “Erotic Poetry & Wine Events”, organizing Fashion shows, Vendor interviews & demonstrations, Yoga Fitness classes plus Girlfriendz Networking Group LLC is the owner of Cincinnati Hip Hop Spin (Indoor Cycling Classes).

If I had to sum my life up, I would say the road map is still a open road and the sky is the limit to my success. 

Inga Anderson, Owner

Girlfriendz Networking Group LLC