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Erotic Poetry and Wine - Cincinnati's hottest poetry slam

From Their Lips to Your Ears

Erotic Poetry and Wine is the hottest poetry slam Cincinnati has to offer!  We bring you top-notch, quality poets who get enjoyment from tantalizing your senses with their erotic prose.  

Our History

Inga Anderson organizer and founder of Erotic Poetry & Wine October  2017. Inga has always loved the Arts (Music, Dancing, Poetry) and noticed that Cincinnati, Ohio did not have many events that she could go to and see that Love Jones movie- type environment.

One day Inga went to the bank and was talking to the Teller, “Statuesque”, about her wanting to have a poetry set. Little did Inga know “Statuesque” was a Poet.  Inga went home with her promotional juices flowing and decided to create her own poetry events. 

Inga organized the first Erotic Poetry & Wine Event at a local Winery in Downtown Cincinnati. Cincinnati's Natives went wild over the Erotic Poetry & Wine Event. The first Erotic Poetry & Wine Event was a huge success. Therefore, "Erotic Poetry & Wine" Event was born October 2017

Upcoming Events

Join us for a steamy night of poetic verse: 

April 13, 2018 Erotic Poetry and Wine "All White Attire Event" - 

Headliner Dawn "Wisdom" - Liberty Center Mall -  Get Tickets

June 8, 2018 Erotic Poetry and Wine "Summer Love" - 

Headliner "Ingrid Rachel" - Jack's Casino

Aug 10, 2018  Erotic Poetry and Wine  "Love's Hangover" Event

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Erotic Poetry & Wine

Its time to unwind!  There is no better way than a little poetry and a lot of wine.  Our poetically expressive events are a fun and stimulating way to unwind after a long day!

Sip on the best wines while listening to some finger-popping poetic verse. You and your special friendz will love the atmosphere and artistic elements including music, food and of course wine!

Pour Up a Good Time